The Target Employment Method

About Us

Our organization is focused on career placement and providing the best tools to job seekers to implement in their job search strategy. With multiple decades of experience as both human resources and recruiters for top company’s internationally. The experience that our team brings is unmatched in the industry. From our team of contributors we have developed a strategy for our clients to use to rise to the top of the list of potential candidates. With our method of combining targeted information to employers with the use of social media, blogging, interview and resume skills . Our clientele is at the top of the pile when employers are searching for candidates.

The target employment method is fast becoming the way employers are wanting to see candidates. Being able to have access to more information than a traditional resume or application can provide. They are better able to match their needs faster and more accurate than ever before. Making both the search and hiring processes as efficient as possible. Saving both time and money without sacrificing quality. In this current job market the amount of applications and resumes has become overwhelming for each new position. So the way people have stand out is providing as much information as possible in the easiest possible way to be noticed out of the ever growing piles of applicants for each new position.

We at are trying to make the hiring process easier for both prospects and employers as well as add to the skills of job seekers. The target method process will give prospects broader knowledge in social media, blogging,interview,video and marketing skills almost every company today thrives on. So by having candidates with the knowledge and the time and effort into their resume blogs. Not only shows skills and understanding in these areas but the diligence to follow through with a project to completion.

Our mission is to help job seekers rise to their potential and employers hire the right people. Saving both time and money for both.

Best Regards,

The Target Team